NBCUniversal's The Curve Report is a book about trends and insights used to understand the every day consumer better. These spreads featured in the newest American Man edition are rich with data and information graphics. All this information also lives on their website www.thecurvereport.com .

American Manstand is a section in NBCUniversal's The Curve Report that is rich with data.  This edition of the book is filled with trends and insights based on the American man. 
A survey of 20 questions was taken by men across the United States.  This is an infographic of the results.  The information shows clearly what is important to men and reviews the shift in roles that is taking place in this generation's males.
Following 20 questions are 6 stories.  The information graphics show where men draw the line and who they admire.
The rest of the stories dig deep into the male lifestyle and their social media patterns.  
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